Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My garden...

Good morning!

It s a lazy start to another rainy beautiful day, today I have decided to work from home. I know! It IS lucky that i get to work from home and avoid all the cons of the rainy season - the mud, muck, getting wet etc etc..
So with my faithful cup of tea next to me, today i know i want to write about my little vegetable garden.
It started off as a non committal hobby where i bough cute pots and and went to the nursery and selected seeds for vegetables ( i have started with vegetable gardening - dream is to go to flower gardening also..however i feel so heartbroken when flowering plants die that for now i am sticking to vegetables!)

a quick review of my mistakes -

1. Palak - bought seeds, planted them in one separate pot. They take 3 weeks to grow and the same plant gave me enough palak for three uses - spinach omelette, spinach soup and some random spinach use - one after the other. After that i stopped...i mean how much more can you expect. I dont know the next step in palak gardening (?) ( homework)
2. Methi - from methi seeds at home...needs a lot of space to grow and grows quickly - say 2 - 3 weeks. i could use it only once, unlike palak so the trick must be planting seeds lot wise ? - homework needed
3. coriander -- same as methi! though out of maybe a 50 seeds only 15 sprouted..that was my ratio the first time it improved the second time around..though was nowhere near 50:50
4. tomatoes - the best plant EVER! it is so easy to grow...just take a tomato..remove its seeds and plant and voila! you should have a plant in under a week and it is self sustaining...just let one - two tomatoes fall to the ground and don't harvest and a plant will grow there
5.  Chillies - green - again easier to buy a plant and take care of it rather than planting seeds, though that also can be done and is not at all difficult
6. My current experiments include - planting capsicum seeds and lemon seeds - both are blossoming into plants, i guess purple flowers for the capsicum too (not sure - limited space too many plants) - but i am keeping a track of these and will see how they turn out.

Now this is very rudimentary information that i gathered as a first time gardener and i want to learn more because my gem of a husband has promised me a nice irrigated terrace garden set up. And our terrace is huge! So before that i have to get done with my home work and experiments. So i guess it is back to flipkarting and Youtubing and Googling for me!

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  1. Great! And you have Pudina for yum Pudina chai! Once you have a terrace garden you can also start home-composting! :)