Monday, August 4, 2014

Why this?

The initial musings...

I have always wanted to write...a blog, an article anything. It is not for the want of subjects but rather because of my inability to get a common thread to run through all my random thoughts, that I have been putting it off.
But here goes...finally!
No, i am yet to find the common thread but i have found the lowest common multiple – Me!
All these thoughts, ideas, experiments and events happen with me and I am going to assume that as my common thread.
A brief history – i am an MBA post graduate. I work with my dad in our manufacturing set up. I have been married for 2 and half years now and I love reading.
Why am i writing today?
Simple.. the weather outside is beautiful! Its raining, the chill is in the air and i want to do nothing other than curl up, read a book and sip on endless cups of teas.

It has  been raining like this for the better part of the day and my office has  a very cozy view of the surrounding. I can hear the rain drops against the window and i can smell the wet mud...heaven!

Coming back to this blog..i do not have a specific purpose for this in mind. I want it to be a lot of things - my diary, my travelogue, my bear with me till I find my rhythm..

and enjoy the rains!

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