Saturday, May 23, 2015

The beginning - War on clutter Project

Going forward with my War on clutter Project, i have to say i won the battle of the bedside drawer!
Everyone has "that" drawer, preferably by their bedside, where in one reach of an arm, you can dump whatever it is that you prefer not seeing on the outside.
The space looks small, built with an intent to keep things needed at the bedside - but once you start dumping things in - it seems like a bottomless pit, or like the stomach of my dog - no matter how much you feed it, it can eat more. And slowly the clutter increases, and accumulates and you keep thinking to yourself - "one day i will sort it out".
That day my Day 1 of War on clutter.
Keeping with my battle plan of attacking small spaces with viscous strikes - with my trusted dustbin and box for collecting things needed, but not to be kept in that drawer - i charged!

The enemy -Clutter and the wine opener that i had been looking for kept captive by the enemy - rescued to great joy and warm welcome

My trusted commander in chief

After taking hard decisions - throw, give away, change, destroy and preserve - awaiting space allocation i had a completely changed drawer.
The top drawer for things needed next to the bed - odomos, bug spray, sleep patch, a torch, chargers.
And bottom drawer - which surprisingly had nothing left in it has become the new medicine cabinet - with expired tablets being thrown out and new ones bought and stored nicely.

Organized top bedside drawer 
Bottom Drawer - that was turned into a medicine storage space

This project gave rise to the another DIY activity - making pattern paper at home. Since i didn't particularly like the look of the plain brown box, i decided to make my own pattern paper in orange with white polka dots!
I took 2 A4 size papers - got something round in the  size of my polka dots - coins would work too and  painted around these round thingys.
And voila - i had my pretty pattern paper. I wrapped it around my brown box - and transformed it into a pretty polka dotted box!
A Friday afternoon well spent!

Turning plain paper to pretty paper!

All's well that end well

I am ready for the next battle. The enemy seems forewarned now.
With the surprise element lost, the task is going to be uphill now!
Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

War on Clutter Project

Everyone hoards.
I do not know a single person who at any given time does not have at least one item in their house that they do not need, do not use, and also it has no emotional significance.
Most hoarders, and by that i mean, many of us, keep things in the hope of "i will need it one day". Needless, to say for most of us that one day is as distant as the sun!

The next justification for my hoarding is that "the thing" may not have any useful purpose, but it has emotional significance for me. Over time, i forget i own the thing - so much for emotional attachment, and then over some more time, i forget why i am emotionally invested in the thing. By then the thing has just become a part of some drawer/ cupboard or shelf. And it will stay there for eternity.

De-cluttering - the  word sounds so fancy, and so efficient.
Every time i hear that word an image of a big crane with disposal boxes attached to it comes to my mind. It picks up all the useless stuff and segregates it automatically into recyclable, to be given away, and garbage. Imagine a little crane like that moving through your house. I think i may be able to fit in an entire zoo in my house after the crane finishes its job!
The problem is not just me - but all the people i live with too. We are a family of hoarders. Dealing with one's mess is tiring, imagine de-cluttering everyone's precious prized trinkets.

There have been times i have gone on a rampage of de-cluttering, and thrown things out. An all out, fight till the end, where the beginning is good - calm, logical. But by the time you reach the end - either everything is rubbish or nothing is rubbish. And after all that effort and trauma you are nowhere near your goal - either you are miles away from it or you have crossed it and run over it and so far beyond it that in Joey's words - "you are so far past the line, that you can't see the line. The line is a dot to you!"

So after years of losing this battle to clutter, i am back to take it head on. This time it is going to be a war. A long well thought out, strategic war. Frustration, impatience and  instability have been replaced by the war generals of - calm logic, patience and cold decisions.
This is a start to my - War on Clutter Project.

I am not assigning a fixed number of days to this - because like i said the strategy is not like German blitzkrieg during world war two, but more of a patient attack room by room, drawer by drawer, drawing the enemy out, using the weapon of cold logic on it, and boxing it in its grave.
Let us see who survives.

The project is simple enough - given my limited cavalry in terms of time and energy that i can devote to this mammoth of a task, i am taking on small, tiny drawers, which at the end of a not-so-distant number of days, will add up to a big shelf, which again will add up to a cupboard, which in turn will add up to a room and then the house will be mine! Tiny 10 minute efforts every single day - sincerely implemented and coldly executed.

Non violence and "clutter go back" have not worked, surprise - all out bursts of attack have not worked. Maybe sustained firing is the solution.

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