Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 things i wish i could have practiced before being thrown into motherhood!

You can never prepare for parenthood, I agree.
But you can learn some skills in advance to make life a little bit easier. I wish someone would ahve told me these techniques.
If you are pregnant, and especially in your ninth month, when time refuses to move forward and the waiting game sucks the energy out of you, try and master these techniques. They will help you later when your little bundle of joy (!) is out.

1. One handed wonder - Now is the perfect time for all the ambidextrous moms to gloat! However, trust your dominant hand to hold the baby, and your train your non dominant one to work. It has had quite a lazy life till now, no more! It is time for it to gear up, work its ass off and master all the routine things that the dominant hand has been doing till now.
Look at me, writing this blog post with one hand. I feel like a super hero! I can make tea with one hand, fold my clothes with one hand, comb my hair and my most recent achievement - have dinner with one hand. Don't mock. It is harder than you think - try it.

2. Ability to wake up in an instant - The little monster is not going to wait for you to get up, rub your eyes, look around, get your bearing, and then feed it. It goes from 0 to 100 on the howl scale in less than a second, faster than even the fastest car on the planet can accelerate. Make this bit cool - pretend you are Bond, or a spy, working in RAW or CIA. Don't you read about their ability to fire the gun in their sleep. Technically, this is the same thing.

3. Ability to sleep in a second - If you are one if the lucky ones, who when they hit the bed instantly get transported to dreamland - parenting is going to be a piece of cake. After getting up in an instant and powering on through the feeding, changing, burping, rocking stages - you are wide awake. And the little monster is snoring softly next to you. Quickly lie down, close your eyes and without a thought in your head go to sleep, because you do not know when you are going to have to get up fresh again!

4. Love precision - Trust me, no matter how laid back you think you are, the one question that is going to bother you the most, and the one thing you are going to google the most - how much milk does my 2 month / 3 month....old need? Baby centre and Kelly Moms are going to help answer that question However, to know how much your little tanker is guzzling, you are going to need to keep a track of time if you are breast feeding and "ml s" or ounces of you are bottle feeding.
It is the same as keeping a track of your baby's kicks in the last month, just with more variables.
Here is a snap shot of my record - the top line is the amount of feed had by Aria and the bottom line is the pumped quantity (i am part of the exclusive pumping movement)
The next most googled thing will be - how many hours should my baby sleep? Again, to teh rescue comes my chart!

5. Master conversions - If you are living in India, or pretty much anywhere in the world but America chances are you will be used to milliliters, kilograms and kilometers. However, the most useful sites will have the all the relevant information in ounces and pounds. It is really frustrating to google "10 pounds to kilograms" every time. Instead just learn the conversion, and convert on the go.

Try and get  hang of these 5 things and see yourself transform into a super parent. Well, actually not. No matter what you do, how much you prepare, the real thing is going to be like a cricket googly ball in a baseball game.

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