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My 30 days Happiness Project - the Final chapter

I know i have been a little (very) lazy with the postings.
There has been a lot what i wish i could say, but honestly, i have  not had the will to sit and write.
On the bright side, i have been making notes in my book, with my tiny ant like handwriting, of the "Happy Moments" in each day, so that when i do get down to writing a post, as i knew i would have to someday,  i would not be in the lurch hoping my memory would get me out of it!

This is the final chapter in My 30 Days Happiness Project, where i try to understand what makes me happy (it seems very easy, but when you sit down and ask yourself what truly makes you happy, you are bound to go a little blank).
I also try to understand the Paradox of Hedonism, and see if it actually holds true for me. The paradox says we do not or cannot actively pursue pleasure, it comes to us indirectly from the things we do. Happiness is not the aim, but a side effect.
I note down one happy moment every day, for a month, and try and understand what made me happy, what can i do more of, and was i actively persuing it, or did it come to me as a consequence or effect of something else.

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Continuing with the last post, Days 19 - 23rd were spent at NH7, planning around NH7, getting ready for NH7 and basically just thinking about NH7.

Creature Village's experience at NH7 -

We have been to many exhibitions, from badly organized ones, to could have done better ones, this one stood out. Our co-coordinator - Kassia, was the ideal organizer. She was present 24X7 on the ground addressing all our problems and queries, coming up to us herself and asking if we needed anything. Trust me, no one ever does that.
The timings and schedules were conveyed beforehand via email and whats app. The stalls were kept ready before we arrived for set up. Electricians, cleaning staff were available at our beck and call. I cannot think of a single way in which Kassia could have been a better coordinator!

This time around, they had a separate ground for the stalls and food. Last year it was on the same ground, adjacent in fact interspersed with each other.
This time, it was obviously a disadvantage. There is a certainty of footfalls when you are with the food vendors. People are bound to come and eat, and browse while eating.
Though, we were situated in between two stages, so people had to come across our section to cross over stages.
It was a lesson learnt, next time we would always find out the layout of the place and understand its implications before jumping in.

Out stall was located between the "Dewarists" stage and the EDM arena. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND EDM. It is a computer producing noise. And we had to stand and listen to it play all 3 days - CONTINUOUSLY.


i am sure there is something that i am missing here, something i don't understand and cannot appreciate. Given its popularity, EDM has to be an art form, but its art I don't care about. It is loud, heart thumping, noise. And no matter how much anyone else tries to convince me otherwise, it will always hold the bottom place in my music list, right next to death metal.

The Dewarists stage on the other hand, was more to my liking, we could hear Amit Trivedi, Monica Dogra, The Goldspots. It was a fun stage and if i did not have a stall to manage i would have probably made it my home for 3 days.

The crowd was young, very young this time - ages 16-23. Or maybe, i am getting older with every year! It is a different crowd of teens and early 20s than was at our time. We were really dumb - be it music, fashion or even the money that we had to spend.
We definitely could not afford music festivals where the entrance fee was 3500/-. We definitely would never be allowed to leave home wearing a skimpy little outfit, we would not have the money or the fashion sense or even the daring to go buy these skimpy outfits, let alone wear them, we would probably not be drunk on 500/- a peg vodka / rum.
It is a different generation - so sure of themselves, so confident, maybe coming across as fake to us, but just possibly could be as real as anyone can get.

We also learnt a lot about our brand - Creature Village. It was a real eye opener for us - the direction that we want to push our brand in and the steps we are going to take henceforth, will be dictated, in a large part by what NH7 taught us.
We are a niche brand - up cycling waste fabric to create beautiful creature and products - products that we are proud of. In the process, we deal with beautiful women, overcoming obstacles to make a life for themselves and till now we have never spoken about them. Maybe it is time to shift the focus on to them. It is after all their art.

The days were hectic, the sun was hard, the evenings cold, a lot of work, meeting random people - and now it all seems like a blur, like the whole thing may not have actually happened, like we closed our eyes and blinked and we were back to normal life!

The days after that were so normal and that also brings happiness. My happy moments in the days succeeding NH7, were the moments of normality - making a list and menu for the next week, grocery shopping, reading my book, meeting cousins, going to work, having my cup of tea, cooking.

This was also the time when our TV had gone for repairs and i did not know how i would survive without it! But i did, and quite nicely. In fact i do not remember missing it much. The time was spent in baking and i bought my first set of measuring cups and spoons from Amazon!

All the free time was spent in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and slowly, surely, filling my recipe book - this is the book that i am going to give as a wedding present to my baby sister - when she gets married next December!

I met one of my best friends (out of 4), for a mere 30 minutes one day, but it has to count as the happiest moment of that day, and maybe even the next one. With some friendships, time and distances truly don't matter, and don't we have Skype and whats app to thank!

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