Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blogs I love

Writing a blog is one part of logging on to my blogger account, the other part is reading other blogs. I started reading blogs only when i set out writing one, which is really weird. Why didn't i read any blogs before? I guess once i realized the amount of effort that goes into writing for a blog, i realized i might actually be missing out on some really good content out there!

One hour of my day is devoted to this activity and here are a few gems that i follow -

1. Living in a Boxx:
By Lauren
It is a fashion, lifestyle and music blog. She is quirky, funny and has the most adorable dog ever. She religiously responds to all comments and queries and is open about her style and preferences. No pretense here - a warm, simple and straightforward girl talking to you about fashion, her life and Seb, her dog!

2. Wendy's Lookbook
By Wendy Nguyen
She is classy, sophisticated, chic and her photos speak of her extremely sorted, clean fashion choices. She uses colors, textures and materials that you would never dream of pairing together to create timeless wardrobe miracles.

3. Luxy Hair Blog
By Mimi
Yes! This is a blog only about Hair. And you wonder what she manages to post weekly? You would be surprised! She is cute, and her accent is adorable and her instructions are easy to understand and follow. I started following her on Youtube and then she launched her blog - full of useful tips, complicated-looking-easier-to-do-hairstyles and many giveaways!

4. Sally's Baking Addiction
By Sally
She is a self - confessed baking addict. Her recipes are developed by her, after a number of trials and errors. You know you are on a good food blog when the passion for food is evident in every word written and every picture posted. She is writing a book with all her recipes and i can't wait for it. Her recipes are fun, easy and most importantly well explained. If an ingredient is added to the recipe, the why and how of it is explained. She is the reason i even tried my hand at baking and i think Sagar (my husband and guinea pig) should thank her!

5. The Everywhereist
By Geraldine
If I had to choose to travel the world through someone's experiences, it would her Geraldine's! This is her travel blog. She has neatly categorized all her travels and experiences and she is extremely funny. Her posts are informative as well as entertaining. She is smart and she is honest. She writes whats on her mind without the pretense of trying to seem nice or polite.

6. Ask Anna
By Anna
This is a blog that every open and closet OCD person must follow!
She is sweet , she is creative and she has excellent solutions for day-to-day (dis)organization problems. All and any household questions are answered, with bonus decorating tips and easy on the pocket organizing equipment. Her beautifully decorated and efficiently organized house delights me every time she posts.

7. Penelope Trunk
By Penelope
Apart from great management and career related articles, i love her blog for her ability to invoke you to think from a different perspective about issues that we deal with everyday. She challenges some very basic mantras that we believe in life and at work and puts across her thoughts beautifully. Even if you do not agree with her, she has persuaded you to give it a thought, to actually contemplate and question the basics. For example she says the worst career advice she has received is "do what you love" or "living up to your potential is BS". When you read this you might be tempted to ridicule or dismiss her, but i urge you to read these articles and you will not be so hasty with your ridicule!

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