Monday, April 27, 2015

Twisted Feminisim

A man does it, so i will.
This is what feminism has come to mean.
Aggressiveness, ego, intolerance are marring the true spirit of feminism which fights for equality, freedom of choice and independence..

A man can drink, smoke and so can i, and so will i.
A man can not take care of his kids or raise them and so why should i?
A  man can have multiple sexual partners, so can i.
A man can commit adultery, so can i.
A man can ignore social etiquette, so can i.
A man can engage in violence, so can i.
A man can be rude, obnoxious, loud and overbearing, so must i.

The ugly side of feminism is rearing its head on social media and distracting men and women from the real grave issue. Try watching the The Vogue Campaign starring Deepika Padukone, and tell me seriously if it does not make you cringe. It starts off quite brilliantly, with the focus being on CHOICE. The right of a woman to do as she wants, to break out of the cage and empower herself and be responsible for her decisions. But soon it degrades into a man vs woman, aggressive, immature monologue about things that really shouldn't even be talked about in the context of feminism. Clothes and sex don't constitute the debate on feminism. The video soon turns irrelevant.

Women before us and today many women of our generation should rightfully be insulted and offended by this campaign.
Women in the 1910s - 1960s fought for equality, voting rights, right to property, to a say in marriage. Many women today still have to struggle for their right to education, freedom to choose to have a child or not have a child. A daily fight for equality with their brothers, husbands and co-workers, a right to equal wages and representation.
And with all these brave women taking bold steps towards liberating women, comes this brazen, insensitive campaign, extolling women to commit adultery, to drink and smoke, to be insensible just because some men do it too!

Who wants to be equal to weak men anyway?
Who wants to compare equality and freedom with irresponsibility and immaturity?

And who said feminism was about putting men down? Who wants equality by dragging men down? Shouldn't equality be achieved by reaching that height where merits, personality and strengths count for something, and gender does not matter.
Many men are comrades in this fight for equality. Many men are free thinkers who believe and work for women's freedom and right of choice. Many men are not aware of this fight, it is up to the mothers, sisters and society to enlighten them. Many men, especially in India, are coming to terms with a financially, emotionally independent woman and we should give them the time to adjust. There is a wide gap between how they have seen their mothers behave and how their wives / girlfriends behave. They do not oppose, many are even supportive, but most are just bewildered. Maybe this phase of adjustment will be completed in our generation and our kids will grow up in a more open, equal world. It is up to us.

Feminism is not about doing everything that a man does, not all that he does is correct.
It is about freedom to make right and responsible decisions. It is about respecting the women before us who fought for the rights that we enjoy today. It is about continuing this campaign forward, not as a war to be fought and won. but as a peace to be attained and sustained.

If a woman CHOOSES to stay at home and take care of her family, she is empowered
If a woman CHOOSES to advance her career, and not have a family, she is empowered.
If a woman CHOOSES to drink and smoke, she is empowered.
If a woman CHOOSES to be a manager, a painter, a homemaker, an artist, an architect, she is empowered
If a woman CHOOSES to nurture a loving family, she is empowered.

If she can choose, she is empowered.
If she can take a decision, she is free.
If she can take a responsible decision she is liberated.


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