Monday, August 10, 2015

When i had the chance to meet the elusive 0.1%

We recently had a bed bug attack at our home.
Thankfully it was restricted to one room, and in its early stages. We launched a full scale counter attack - replete with chemicals, sprays, hot water, lots of washing, burning. The poor things had no chance of surviving that apocalypse.
And the counter attack was like Hitler's blitzkrieg - all at once, sudden, from all sides and lasted only 24 hours.   
No, there was no way a even single tiny bug could have survived. 

But as in all advertisements of toothpastes, insect repellents, sprays - the promise is to kill 99.9% of the germs. There is a margin of error, the absolutely incredible that survive - the 0.1%. You never know for sure if they exist or they are a figment of the advertiser's imagination to avoid future lawsuits. How can the attack kill all but this 0.1%? What is so special about them? Is it luck or something more basic, engineered into the very soul of their being? Are you born with it, or can it be taught and learnt? And if it can be taught and learnt, why has the percentage stayed a constant 0.1% ? The more you think about it, the more it starts sounding like a legend, whose authenticity can never be verified.

But i had the privilege of meeting a member of this elusive category.
Long after the darkness had set in, and flush with our victory we lay down for the long awaited peaceful slumber, who would have thought that it was not to be?
Sagar woke me up in the middle of the night, to ask me if something was still biting me? I thought - the poor thing has become obsessive. This is what killing does to your soul. But wait no - scratch scratch scratch - that does sound like me scratching my arm. No! It cannot be, it just cannot be.
Our minds refused to accept that any bug could have survived, it was just plain impossible!

Out came the flashlights, sheets were dusted, corners carefully searched and secured and we could not find anything, and then when we were just about to give up and accept that there is no real winner in a war - either you die or you lose your soul and accepting that this would haunt us forever- there we saw it move. A ting baby bug - right in the middle of the bed, crawling forward lethargically thanks to all the blood it had sucked out of us and consumed. Yes, it was there for us to see - the 0.1% is not a legend. They exist! And i wanted to stare at it, and follow it and see what its plans were. Oh, how i wished bugs could talk. I wouldn't mind asking this one for a cup of tea, getting to hear its tale of survival. 
And swat! Before the obscure chain of my thoughts could complete itself, Sagar, with rage on his face had killed the last surviving bed bug. And i just looked on in complete disbelief. 
There was no way i could have told him what my thoughts were - inviting a baby bug to tea - he would have had a field day with that! - but - i cannot believe he just killed the 0.1% category bug without a second thought! 
Wasn't he curious even a little bit?
I guess not, nothing is more important that his sleep and beware anything that tries to take that away from him!

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