Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mezzuna... The restaurant - To die for : Desserts, Much to be desired : Service

How did i find this?

Their numerous advertisements in social media. Succumbing to the information bombardment, i finally visited their website and logged on to read a few reviews.The place was highly visited and reviewed, and favorable reviews definitely outnumbered the cruel ones! So maybe, just maybe, this was one those places that provide substance to match their image.

So we had a big occasion coming up - Sagar's last birthday in his 20s and we decided to treat our family here. Reservation process was completely hassle free, with no nonsensical rule of making reservations for 7.30 or after 9.30 only! That is one silly rule, i must say. I am sure the restaurants have a perfectly logical answer for the said rule, but just putting it out there...we hate it and it is highly inconveniencing.
So plus one for Mezzuna, I was getting a good feeling about this place already!

We got a choice of table we wanted as the restaurant was not very crowded on a Thursday evening at 8.30 pm. The issue was with everything we ordered - single malt, margaritas, or wine...our first choice was not available. No vodka based drinks were available, four seasons wine was not available. I am serious, not one thing was our first choice. Though the staff was more than helpful in suggesting something else, but still. Sometime, you just want what you want!

 We moved on to the starters - the sauteed mushrooms and mezze platter were good. Except for the beet dip, all dips were excellent on the platter. But again that is a question of taste buds and my taste buds, thanks to the visual input received, refuse to eat anything that looks as pink as beet!

Main course - we ordered the veg wrap, pork chops, brick grilled chicken and fish and chips. And all were good, the brick grilled chicken was exceptional. All in all a satisfactory meal. 

But the highlight of the evening was the desserts - it took 20 minutes to arrive - but was worth the wait. The two berry cheesecake was exquisite, with each bite taking you closer to the heaven of deserts. 

As was the dark fudge chocolate and the mousse, i am not a big chocolate fan, but from the reactions i had from the chocolate lovers, they seemed just as close to dessert heaven as i 
was with my two berry cheesecake.

I would visit again for the desserts alone.


Visited on: 4th September 2014
With : Family, 6 adults, 1 child
Mezzuna  - Their Facebook page
Reviews - In case you want to read more reviews
Contact: 020 39397755, 020 39397756
Address: Cafe Mezzuna, City Point, Dhole Patil Road ( next to the old Lush, in the same complex as Mainland China)

Birthday dinner :)

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  1. Glad the deserts saved the meal, I hate waiting ages in restaurants