Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The sounds of efficiency

There is something very calming about being on the factory shop floor.
The sounds of machines, matching rhythmically with each other, the consistent opening and closing of die moulds, the raw material being processed, minute by minute, to be churned out as a completely different product.
There is a sense of calm, of predictability, of order.
A feeling of utopia, where every machine, man and part is working in perfect harmony.

Sometimes (not often) you get to view the ideal shop floor - the linear work flow, the online production and packing and dispatch. And you just stand there in wonder - it is quite a sight!
It is like having your life laid out in front of you and you can pick from this shop that comprises the whole universe, anything that you like and place it anywhere that you like in the scheme of your life. You can decide the order and quantity of everything, you can decide how long a part / a person will be a part of your life and exactly what that person's role is going to be.
You can decide what events will make your life, at what stage of life will you experience these events, how they will change the product, that is you.

But even with all this control, i am not so sure that we will be any happier or sadder or more depressed or any different that we already are! And that is because if you could line up you life the way you wanted it to be, you would be missing out on a very important ingredient that makes life so beautiful - Spontaneity!

We go through life quite spontaneously. What makes it so beautiful and so scary is the very unpredictability of life - can you really be sure you are even going to get to see the next day?
Many experiences, people, events, relationships mold us and shape us to be who we are. Many things happen to us, even without our knowledge, and change us forever.
And it all seems so random, like nothing is ever connected. But sometimes, just sometimes, you get to view the thread of connectivity and in these brief moments of clarity, you really get to sense the meaning of it all.
But these moments and so brief and so rare, that they do not really define us or our lives.
What actually defines us are the disconnected dots that we experience, and each dot hold within itself an infinite amount of meaning, it is just that we don't get to see it often.
The most we can do is trust ourselves and know that everything around us has a reason for existence, everything and everyone that comes in touch with us has a reason for the connection.
Sometimes, we forget the fragility of our lives, we take it for granted that we are going to get to see the next day.
The spontaneity is scary, but it is to be celebrated at the same time.
So travel a lot and don't just be a tourist, do crazy stunts, know another country as well as yours, know another's house and parents as well you do yours,  laugh till your stomach hurts, run till you feel your heart pump, take a day off just because, spend a night on the terrace, call the friend you have been meaning to call for the last 10 years, drink a different drink the next time, learn a new language, learn a new card game, invent your own game and make it so complicated that only you can win, play pictionary with your cousins, watch a movie you never would never dream of watching, read books, collect books, day dream, save up for the dream, get your dream, or whatever part of it you can.
 Because given a choice between being scared and celebrating, we would without a doubt, make it one hell of a party!

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