Thursday, October 30, 2014

Incognito - Phoenix market City, Pune

Incognito - A small cozy place, on the first floor of Phoenix market city, came highly recommended, we went here after a tiring shopping experience. I have come to the decision that nothing beats the comfort of online shopping (more on this later).
The restaurant was pretty empty at 1.00 pm on the day of Padwa, during Diwali, which was absolutely perfect for us. However, the tables are so laid out that there is not a single table away from the speakers blaring music, well maybe not blaring, but you know how you want a quiet lunch experience after shopping? No? Anyway, we did ask them to lower the volume and they were kind enough to pretend to do so!

Down to business -

Drinks - We ordered the 1 liter keg of beer - Kingfisher. Standard fare - fresh, cool, nothing to dislike, though they do have the standard menu of cocktails and mocktails. Do check out the offers on beers, they have plenty of those.

Entrees - This is not one of those restaurants whose menus resemble big fat books, you are not spoilt for choice, but the options are varied enough to keep it interesting.
 I will definitely recommend the chicken wings - yummy, soft, succulent with a good dip.
We tried the Chicken Yakitori - and it was delicious. The chicken pieces were cooked to perfection and the highlight of the dish was the wasabi aioli - creamy, tangy, sweet and yummy!

I was too full to order anything else, but Sagar went ahead and ordered the thing that they are known for - the steaks. He ordered the Fillet Mignon, i am not a big fan of beef - but i will not go ahead and recommend it without reservations. We ordered it to be medium and received an overdone steak. The bearnaise sauce was next to invisible, making it very dry.

We skipped the desserts - Mad over donuts is situated in the same complex - it would be a crime to even think about any other dessert!!!

The service was good. Our server was patient, possibly new, so eager to please, enthusiastic and nice. The service time was fast. We did not have to look at our watches even once!

The decor is cozy, yellow and warm. Sleek wooden tables and chairs. There was an interesting looking lamp shadesque light above our table, casting soft light on the table. The decor was as you would expect at any such restaurant - the essential Bob Marley poster, beer slogans, a wooden ship, "Keep calm have beer" frames.

Last words - give it a try! The entrees are good - skip the steaks and possibly try the pastas.

1. Incognito - F-66, first floor, Phoenix market city.
2. Contact - 020 - 30950592
3. Other reviews

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