Sunday, October 5, 2014

Independence Brewing Company - Launching their own craft beers

Let me make it clear at the offset, my knowledge of beer is limited to enjoying a pint of Kingfisher or Budweiser. Crafted beers all i know is - the lighter they look the better i like the taste, i still haven't acquired the bitterness taste!
Independence Brewing Company launched their craft beers on tap on the 4th of October. Sagar and I were invited by a friend who is a beer connoisseur and he is going to hate me for mentioning Kingfisher / Budweiser in this post!
Their tag line is "bringing independence from boring beers", quite silly, i know.

Starting with the beers, like i mentioned i normally choose the lighter ones. The first one i tried was the "Belgian Wit Beer" - the blondest of them all - it actually was too sweet for me too!
After taking a sip of the IAP and the darkest ale (i don't really remember the names, they were too bitter, though the darkest one had a coffee aftertaste) i settled on The American Pale Ale. This was my drink of the night - a perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

Moving on to the food, the menu is extremely restricted - we tried the nachos with pulled chicken, which was good, but not the best i have had.
The ham croquettes, on the other hand were mouthwatering. The Paprika chicken wings were extremely spicy and i would give them a skip.
For main course i wanted to try the Chettinad chicken, but it was not available. We settled on the cumin and mustard chicken breast which was delicious. We skipped the desserts.

Ambiance - The place was extremely crowded, and there was no space to move! Wooden benches get a tad uncomfortable after some time. The lighting was soft and yellow and gave a prety glow to the whole place. But given the heavy traffic and extremely tiny number of serving staff, the service was not especially affected. The pace of service was good, no server ever seemed in too much hurry to answer your questions, the energy was vibrant. The music, though, fell flat! With beer you have to have groovy music.

All in all, i would like to give this place a go again in peace, when there is no bustling event happening here and of course to sip the American Pale Ale again!

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For the more serious beer drinkers, to get a honest and knowledgeable review - i will try and get my friend to contribute a post here! You can also get in touch with him at Nakul B

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