Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ringing in 2015

This time we began 2015 in...Ethiopia...with a group of friends and Sagar's cousins. And hence the lull in activity on the blog!
2014 was all about good health and hard work at the office.
The plan worked out pretty well, a healthy lifestyle with yoga and aerobics, healthy food habits, more time in the kitchen, fresh food, organic food, fitting into old clothes, general upkeep of health all resulted in a highly satisfactory 2014.
Work seemed pretty set with good delegation, team work and newer avenues.

If 2014 was all about myself internally, 2015 is going to be all about experiences externally. An attempt to reach out, far beyond normal grasp, learn new things, experience crazy stuff, more outside the home than inside.
This is not a resolution, but just a general view of how i want things to shape up with my life. That is what i do every year. Think of what the next year is going to be remembered for.

2015 began quite distinctly in Ethiopia (travel blog of my Dubai and Ethiopia trip coming up soon. If you have read my South Africa travelogue you will know how long it takes to make myself sit and write about places and itineraries. Writing about these holidays makes you want to return to them!)
We went there with absolutely low expectations, the idea was just to go and meet friends stationed there and spend new year eve with them. But it turned out to be so much more...charming, quaint, laid back, warm. A perfect holiday.
A complete contrast to Dubai, the first destination in our two country holiday. Dubai was fun in its own way - glamorous, abundant, luxurious and bright!

2015 is also going to be about experimenting - in the kitchen. Trying out new ingredients, making that extra bit of effort to go to Dorabjee's ( far away. well..not as close as my neighborhood grocery store anyway) every month and getting new ingredients home. Expect a lot more recipes on this blog!
And this means more recipe book shopping! Yay!

Also, my quest to learn French will continue, albeit more seriously this year.

One thing that is not going to continue into 2015 is the incessant online and offline shopping. Unpacking my huge suitcase with my holiday shopping and trying to fit it into my already over stuffed cupboard was back breaking. After a careful analysis, i know i do not need a single pair of shoes, not even one jacket, shirt, t-shirt or bag.
The only shopping permitted will be book shopping and souvenir shopping on holidays ( i will never ever want to, be able to, ever put a curb on book shopping!). All other shopping is strictly prohibited.
This begins my 365 days of "no-shopping experiment"
This is going to be really hard, i can feel the anguish even as i write "no shopping".
But this is something that i have got to do!

Hello 2015!
Here's hoping it will be as fabulous as 2014 was!

Franny Billingsley Chime

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