Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby Shower for my Best Friend

There is nothing as exciting as planning a baby shower for your best friend, someone you have known since you were little, like really little, and have grown up with - someone who knows every little secret of yours, as you do theirs, a friendship which crosses the line into family.

I have known Anuja for the last 15 years, maybe more. She is meticulous, disciplined and well mannered. That is how the world knows her, I know her as a kind, funny and honest person. To plan her baby shower was a fun thing and a huge task (when i write she is meticulous, i mean METICULOUS!)

Aided by technology (whats app!), her mom, dad, aunts and my family planned her baby shower.


After annoying Anuja's mom to the limit about making guest list and determining return gifts, we had a final number. It was to be a combined baby shower (girls and boys, men and women).

Then came the invitations - We made little diapers with paper invitations inserted.
They are super easy to make and with the right kind of paper, look absolutely adorable.

Our invitations had the following words -

                                                        Love, joy and wonderful things, 
                                                        All the things that a baby bring,
                                             Please join us in celebrating a baby shower for

                                                              Anuja and Karan 
                                                            Venue - Benchmark, Aurangabad
                                                            Date - 
                                                            Time - 7 pm onward

        Dress code : blue, pink or yellow. Make your choice - a boy, a girl or you are just not sure!


We had a pink, blue and yellow theme.
So, guests were asked to wear pink if they thought it would be a girl, blue if they thought it would be a boy and yellow if they didn't know what to think!

Guess which team we were on?

The organizing committee - working and posing

Since the event was at a club, outdoors, there was not a lot of decoration to be done, but whatever we did was in this pink-blue-yellow theme. The dad-to-be had a tie and for Aunja we had made a "mum-to-be" sash complete with a tiara.

Envelopes with messages written by the guests inside


1. Little babies popping - We froze little plastic babies in ice, in small glasses and the team that first popped its baby out won!

Little babies that were put in cups and frozen
2. Drink from the bottle - It is not as easy as it looks and takes a really long time to drink from little baby bottles. We filled them up with Pepsi and one member from each team had to finish it. The first one to finish the Pepsi would win.

3. Feed the baby - The team had to nominate 2 members, one who would feed, but be blindfolded and the other who would eat, but his / her hands would be tied behind their back. And no one expected the bowl to be full of Cerelac, some like it, some don't and some couldn't seem to place the taste!

It is easier and less messier to feed a baby!

4. Baby Whispers - Exactly like chinese whisper, but the message was sent by Anuja's mom at one end - anything to do with babies - advise / tips / funny things and by the time it reached the mom-to-be, the message had unsurprisingly been twisted and turned over its head to a whole lot of gibberish.

5. Do not utter the word "baby" - As guests entered, they were handed glow bands to be put around their wrists. Anyone who hears another person utter the word "baby" was to get the person's glow bands - all of them, if there were more than one! The person with the maximum number of glow bands at the end of the evening would win!

Here's wishing the baby all the happiness in the world, and joy and health to the lovely parents-to-be. I cannot think of anyone else who is more ready to shoulder this responsibility and enjoy it :)

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