Thursday, March 5, 2015

"I am stunned as to how permission was granted for the convicts interview inside the Tihar jail here in the first place"
                          -Rajnath Singh, Home Minister

Really Mr. Singh, is THAT the most stunning/ shocking part of the whole incident? Think about it. A smart man like you should be able to figure out that the RAPE was the most shocking part, not the filming of the documentary in Tihar Jail.

"Broadcast of the documentary should be banned to prevent the defamation of the nation"
                           -Rajiv Shukla, Congress leader.

I will not waste my time asking this man to use his head. Sure, the documentary is going to defame the nation, not the rape itself. Believe that.

Essentially what the men in our government are saying is  - let us sit down and abuse the authorities who gave permission for the documentary to be made, let us criticize the British filmmaker who created this documentary, and let us protect the dignity of our nation by, forget airing our dirty laundry in public, but in fact, denying its existence completely.
Let the media have its moment, let the Bollywood celebrities write their pieces (that can always be blamed as a tactic of the Opposition party), let the rational individual vent on Twitter and Facebook, and let the frustrated people write in their blogs. Let the college students have their marches and the activists their dharnas.
We will stand united and not let anyone defame our beautiful nation, with its pristine mindsets and progressive values.

What does the government fear the most? The law and order situation after the documentary is aired? Women live that situation day in and day out. We do not need a documentary to remind us of how exactly unsafe we are in this country. And you don't see us causing a law and order situation now, do you? So do you really think we will be a cause for concern when we see our very same lives being played out on screen?

Will the men cause law and order issues? Many men think like the rapists, many men think worse than the rapists and then are few who think of women as human beings, and not objects. And then there are the fathers, brothers, husbands and sons of the women who have suffered rape. And each category of men is aware of just how wrong the whole thing is, but if they are not causing any trouble now, what are the chances that they will cause trouble after seeing the documentary.

So basically, there is nothing new in the documentary that people, women and men, in this country don't already know. So what is the harm?
Is it the fact that the government has failed to bring the accused to justice? Is it the fact that after watching the documentary, the government fears, that people will actually sit up and take notice of the fact that it is actually a freak show that they are a part of. That airing this documentary will brand every Indian as a pervert. And even if it does, how far from the truth is that really?
Will it actually make mothers realize that educating the boys is more important than asking the girl to wear appropriate clothes? That respect is to be given no matter the appearance, that a no means a no, and you can never ever own another person or his/her body, that physical strength cannot be used brutally, with that strength comes responsibility? Will it make women realize that silence is never the answer, that a fight has to be put up?
Nirbhaya's father is right when we says that the documentary will hold a mirror to our nation. It is our option if we want to clean it, or shatter it. And a shattered mirror will not make the image go away, it will only break it up into a million other pieces.

Because forget protecting women, forget getting justice for the heart broken parents, forget expediting the punishment for the perpetrators, forget educating boys to respect the girls, and girls to stand up for their rights. The need of the hour is to protect our nation from humiliation.
Humiliation of having to face the world when the nation's clothes have been stripped and its ugliness is there for all to see. Standing naked in front of the whole world, showing our flaws, not knowing how to hide the hideousness, having nothing to cover the twisted mindsets, baring our depraved souls and thoughts, hanging our head in shame, the shoulders burdened by the heavy burden of parents, siblings and spouses still waiting for justice.
And then when the world criticizes you, humiliates you, rapes you, are we going to look down on our nation's ugly naked body and say it was our fault. We brought it upon ourselves? Because in this one and only instance that statement would be true.


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2. Rajiv Shukla
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