Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Continuing - The War on clutter

For those of you wondering about the War On clutter Project, fear not, it is still on.
And no, we are not waiting for the summer to pass, nor have we fraternized with the enemy. The War Is On!

I took over the strategic port of "Dressing table" - the place where clutter has been ruling, like a tyrant, since the founding stone of the dresser was placed.
It might seem like a small niche, a corner carved in, but it has the capacity to absorb maximum number of small objects and place them in underground prisons, away from the eye, so much so, that you forget the very existence of these small, humble objects.
If you are a small, uncommonly used object, the dressing table is the worse place to slip into oblivion.

I kept some time and mental energy aside for this task.
I had to be ruthless, throw out things not used. I had to be heroic, and rescue things forgotten and locked away, i had to creative and turn it into a pretty little place to live again for all my things.

And this was the end result -

And i am so happy with it!
Husband's stuff is delegated to the top most shelf. (i have no control over that, i do not know how soon the enemy - "clutter" will regain that piece of land, that insists on being autonomous, and not affiliated to the rest of the clean  kingdom!)

This also gave rise to another DIY project using recycled Pringles container and my DIY pattern paper (This was the chips container we bought on our flight from Ethiopia back home, which i had asked Sagar to keep in his baggage to his intense discomfiture).

Now, i rest on my laurels and eye the vast arena in front of me. Before long, i will be out fighting in some corner or the other.
But, today, right now, i am enjoying the view of my dresser in front of me!

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