Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 1 and 2 : My 30 Day Happiness Project

It is time to start November with noting down my "happy" moments as per the project.
You can read about My 30 days Happiness Project and what i wish to accomplish with it here.

In simple words, all i have to do is note down my happiest moment in the day.

November 1st, Saturday: The day was packed - lot of work, followed by a house party at a friend's place. I had thought the "happy moment" would in all probability be at the friend's house, with a drink in my hand and chatting with new friends and giggling with the old ones. Turns out, the party was good fun, but when i thought about my "happiest moment" it was when i was having my evening cup of hot tea, with Sagar playing his bass. He has started playing again after a gap of 6-7 years (yes, my husband was in a band! i am so sure 16 year old me would have fallen in love with him).
And while i don't understand a thing about the instrument, or pitches, or sounds ( i am completely hopelessly tone deaf, and that is why i am not even a bathroom singer, I can't tolerate my own singing!!).
It was a happy moment, sitting on the little stool, sipping my tea on a cold November evening, listening to him play some of my favorite songs.

November 2nd, Sunday: Sunday is lazy, Sunday is fun. The best part of this Sunday was getting up early in the morning, and deciding to get fresh veg puffs from a bakery close by. The usual Sunday morning breakfast, however, it was so cold and lovely, i felt like taking a walk. The bakery is 15 minutes away, so it was a good 30 minutes of leisurely stroll, on one of the busiest roads otherwise! Bhandarkar road was quiet and the silence and stillness seemed so alien, especially to this road. The little rays of sunshine finding their way to the road through the gaps in the trees, noticing that this road, in fact, has a lot of trees, the rustic sidewalk, broken in places, old houses that looked so majestic and out of place in the concrete jungle, dairies opening up for the milk deliveries, closed shop shutters, worshippers at the big Ganpati idol (why is it there? Right at the corner of a lane, almost on the main road, the big and colorful idol of Ganpati), the smell of freshly baked bread, aahh...the little joys of life.

The dancing sun rays #no filter

Quiet Mornings, #no filter
Empty streets #no filter

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