Monday, November 24, 2014

What "Homeland" got me thinking about

(Spoilers in this post for anyone who hasn't seen the latest episode)

This week's episode was just that - wow!
Anyone following this series is sure to have gone through all the emotions at once - awe, surprise, relief, shock and finally - what just happened? And how do i possibly wait till next Monday to understand what happens.
Since season 1, this series had caught my attention, and when they killed off Brody i thought this was the end of the series. Not everyone can pull off a Game of Thrones, where each episode a new character is killed!
And especially not a series like Homeland, which had 2, maybe 3 main characters it can boast of. But since the death of Brody, the series has jumped into another league altogether. Set in Pakistan (shot in South Africa!), the tale had descended into the gritty world of espionage and spies, betrayals and double cross, a complicated web of treason and murders, all in the name of national security.
To be fair, it is an American series and does obviously portray the war from an American perspective,  but they do seem to have kept an open mind - Pakistan nor the ISI is mindlessly berated, nor do American spies triumph all the time and the CIA does mess up massively too!

The truly interesting part is the series seems so dramatic, yet so real. It feels like this world of deceit and spying could exist.
We lead such normal lives because under all this something is keeping the world order steady, or as steady for us at least, as its ever going to be. The real game is being played down there, and all of us are inconsequential pawns in the grand scheme of things. A scheme that is being decided for us by the powerful few. 
With various government employees coming out with details of the extent of surveillance being carried out by governments all over the world, the conspiracy freaks are having the last laugh. 

When you think about it, is it really possible for the world to (dys)function as it does on its own?  Then powerful few hold the strings of this great puppet show and ensure it continues in the direction in which they want it to go. 
Its like living in George Orwell's novel - 1984.
The book that warned us not to give too much power in the hands of the government. 

So, is anarchy the solution?
Not anarchy in its negative form of violence, lawlessness and destruction, but true anarchy - where people do what they want and the State does not dictate behavior and opinions. For anarchy to work, the greed of power needs to be absent, which means there is no one to dominate, everyone lives for themselves and works for their own good.
But every where you look, we have established systems and hierarchies. Some seem to be working, and some failing miserably. We are used to living by rules and being told what to do. It took centuries for us to change from freedom loving, not -ruled - by any form of society, to an establishment loving, rule craving, orderly society. 
Now can we really imagine a society without rules, again? Very realistically speaking, no. We need the comfort of structures, and there are times when we don't want to think for ourselves either. And if it's not the government, it is some other power hungry group that will dominate. In that case, the State seems like the lesser of the two evils.

It all works in a cycle and all we can do is try and get some sense of equilibrium. 
The problem is everyone's state of equilibrium is different, and some people are actively involved in pushing matters to their state of equilibrium and others are pushed about by them.
It all just goes to show how little we know of how things actually work. What we get is what we are made to see.
And that's why blessed are those who have formed a little world of their own; where they live and do as they please - what we call "living in a bubble".

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