Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 16, 17 and 18 of My 30 day Happiness Project

Continuing with the posting of "happy moments in the day" as per My 30 Day Happiness Project, here are the next 3 days -

Day 16
16th November, Sunday

I had invited mum, dad, Gauri and 2 of our very close family friends from Aurangabad for breakfast, before they left for Aurangabad. They had come to Pune for a day, for being a part of my uncle's 60th birthday celebrations!
The breakfast was an impromptu thing and i had to rely on what was there in my kitchen, as there was no time to go out and get stuff. That's when i realized our Indian kitchens are stocked to survive an improbable event, where you have to be cooped up at home and cannot leave, and we would have been able to survive 3 months at the very least!
The amount of food we store, right from food grains to cereals to chocolates, and biscuits and a host of other snacks, is mind boggling. This has given me an idea for my next 30 day project! (more on this next month)
The happiest moment of course was when my family came over, but i enjoyed the preparation for it - the planning, the multi- tasking, the preparing, arranging the table and re-arranging, the co-coordinating and basically working as fast as the wind.

Day 17
17th November, Monday

Again a typical Monday, spent at work. Lots of work, in fact.
And i think i have written for the first time, that work makes me happy. I mean i normally do not associate work with happiness, it is something that i do to earn a living. I don't even look at it as a source of happiness. It just is work!
Maybe there needs to be a change in attitude here. Why can't work be fun?
But how can it - how is calling and following up with suppliers for material, fun? How is looking at drab production reports fun? Or the hassle of exporting goods, fun? It is the usual, the routine and not a lot of fun. I am going to look at aspects of my work where i feel the happiest performing, and maybe get somewhere from there. For example, studying the costing and contribution statement is fun, having our focus area meetings and strategizing is fun. Hmm....

Day 18
18th November, Tuesday

Creature Village  heads to NH7 in 3 days! And there is so much to do!
For some reason, this time we seem to be running about a lot more than for any other exhibition / festival. Things are almost done, the planning had started before Diwali, but still it feels like something more needs to be done. 
I think these are the usual jitters before any event. 
Now the days are basically spent counting down the days to the biggest festival that Creature Village has participated in. The anticipation of the event, the crowd, the response!

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