Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 3, 4 and 5 of My 30 day Happiness Project

Continuing with My 30 day Happiness project, where i jot down the one "happy"moment of my day - you can read about it here, here are my happy moments for day 3, 4 and 5.
You can read about day 1 and 2 here.

Day 3
3rd November, Monday

There is nothing to like about a Monday - getting over the Sunday laziness, beginning the week with a "to-do" list for the week, deciding what to eat, what to cook, things to buy, focusing on aligning tasks at work for the week, dealing with other cranky Monday-hating people. I thought it would be quite difficult to even experience a "happy" moment, forget remembering it and jotting it down in my blog. But, it is quite easy, i was the happiest, when on an impulse i decided to try on this jacket - vest that i had bought in my MBA college and which is back in style now, re branded as "corporate - wear". It was kept right there, hanging in my cupboard and i remember wishing someday, one day, i would fit in it. And i decided to try in on a hunch. And it fit!
What joy!
A true testament to my perseverance of getting up early morning and never missing a yoga workout.

Day 4
4th November, Tuesday

I don't have to think twice about this one - i met my parents after they had come back from their vacation, holidaying in Greece. We drove down to Aurangabad from Pune, and i had them all to myself for 4 whole hours, trapped in the car with me.

Day 5
5th November, Wednesday

Now this is a tough one. I can't seem to choose between two "happy" moments, so i am going to jot both of them down here.

a. My morning cup of tea, with my mom, on the swing of my childhood home, gossiping, giggling, chatting, discussing. Why can't all mornings be like this? So calm, no rush to get anyplace, no thinking about common everyday domestic chores. Having my lunch prepared and having warm, fresh breakfast placed in front of you.

b. My evening cup of tea with my dad, after i had returned from the factory, discussing strategy and management with him. It is at times like these, where i want to be a sponge and learn and retain and use every little bit of precious knowledge that he shares with me.

So i am not going to choose between the two and be thankful that there are days where even this can happen!

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