Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 13, 14 and 15 My 30 Day Happiness Project

Another post in the My 30 days Happiness Project, where i try to understand what really makes me happy by noting down what i feel are the happiest moments in my day. The goal is, once i know what makes me happy - the big, the small, the tiny things, i can do more of them!
I think i am already drawing the conclusion that the Hedonistic Paradox does exist (you can read about it in my introduction to "My 30 days happiness project" post.)
But i do not want to jump the line here. Let us be steady, calm and objective.

Day 13
13th November, Thursday

If i have to be completely honest, nothing stands out as happy, i came down with a bout of food poisoning, thanks, i guess, to the fish i had gorged on the day before. I couldn't eat, and what i did came out. My homeopathy doctor was not available that day, and Sagar refused to believe me and thought it was one of my many antics to avoid going to a doctor. I don't like doctors and i hate the medicines they prescribe even more. I hide my hate under a very clever philosophy of - "My body is capable of healing itself". And the more i have repeated the line over the past few years, the more i have come to believe it. I really do think the body needs to be given 2 days, without any external influence to do what it can naturally and 50 percent of the time, this had worked for me. My body has taken care of itself and i have sprung back to normal living. Sagar, on the other hand believes in the modern power of medicine, you can imagine the clashes!
So, maybe, if i HAD to select a moment, possibly the least unhappy one, it would have to be the fact that Sagar stayed up the whole night with me, through my vomiting and stomach pains, made easy-on-the-stomach food for me at 2 am. Sat talking to me till i could fall asleep. I have no idea what time  he must have fallen to sleep after i dozed off. A loving husband, that is something to be happy about and grateful for!

Day 14
14th November, Friday

Remember the mehendi function of my friend that i had attended? Today was his wedding!
What is it about weddings that is so heartening and endearing? I have already started planning my baby sister's wedding in December 2015 and for the life of me cannot understand why she is not as excited about it as i am!

The meeting of the families, the smug groom, the lost bride, the loud aunty, the shy uncle, the uptight sister in law, the funny brother in law, the religious aunty and the fashionable one, the uncle looking for drinks and the cousin providing them, the noisy bunch of cousins, the pretty looking friends, the harried moms, and calm dads - every wedding has these characters and many more. The colorful character and their interactions make an Indian wedding so special.
It is not about the bride and the groom, actually, it is about anything and everything, but the bride and the groom, and yet no matter what role you play in the great Indian wedding drama, you are bound to enjoy it.
I hate just "attending" a wedding. It is not a true wedding for me until you are a part of the family, by blood or otherwise, and can play an active role in the proceedings. I mean, wouldn't you rather play an Ariel or even Caliban, than say Stephano or Trinculo, the inconsequential characters in The Tempest?
And that is why this wedding was so awesome. 



Day 15
15th November, Saturday

It was a celebration of my uncle's 60th birthday. And that in itself was a happy occasion.
Mum and dad were coming from Aurangabad for the day.
This got Sagar and me discussing how people from Aurangabad are extremely enthusiastic and make numerous little trips to Pune every month, for one event or another, which when we travel the other way round we crib about the time and the traffic.
Why are people there so full of energy? 
People are more open there, the big city concept of calling - before - going does not exist, doors are kept open, if not we know where the keys are!
Life is super social, i don't remember even one evening where i can sit at home and not visit people, or have people come over, and this attitude translates into travel elsewhere too. 
When they think of travelling to Pune for an event, the thoughts are not on the travel time and distance to be covered, but on the person celebrating his 60th birthday and the joy of looking forward to meeting the rest of the family there. It is the destination that guides the journey, not the obstacles in the journey!

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