Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My keys and me!

I am normally an exceptionally organized and cautious person. But when it comes to my keys - home, office, car or bike, its like my personality, my mind, is rebelling against itself and trying to make a point. A very strong point.
To whom - I don't know
For what - I don't know
The point - I will show you what disorganization does to you, how high it can spike your stress level - so that you will never ever even think of being disorganized again.
And to teach me this lesson, it seems to have tied up with this institution called - Keys.
Their tagline -  Pioneers of "hide" in hide-n-seek for the last 25 years.
The contract between the two - Keys and my mind ( the part that takes it upon itself to train, retrain  and keep me abreast of all changes in the field of organized chaos ); seems pretty permanent and mutually beneficial.
Once in two days at least I am forced to undergo the training designed by the two.

No matter what I do - be it keeping a specific section in my bag or desk allotted for keys; or putting something bling on the keys or talking to myself and reminding where I have put my keys, it never seems to work. I am always at the bottom of this class of 1!
And "Keys" takes some special sadistic pleaure out of it. It comes up with new hiding places for me to seek; new nooks and corners in the room or hidden pockets in my bags.
For some unknown reason i cannot manage to get "keys" into my ususal orbit of organized efficiency. It resists just to test me.
So much so that my cousin, tired of my antics, asks me to have the "key conversation" in my head every time and not involve her in it!
 Today it has put me to an ultimate test.
It decided to fall through a very tiny little hole in my bag, a hole I did not even notice, but "Key" knew exactly where it was, and managed to squeeze through it and fall out on to the street, leaving me to deal with the stress of being locked out of my office and home, of calling and telling Sagar, of retracing my steps and looking like an idiot scrounging the streets - all for a bunch of keys!
But enough is enough. "Keys" took it too far this time.
I can get another set made ( a considerable and avoidable waste of time, but the damage is not undoable). The loss is not permanent.
But what about "Keys?"
Who is going to find it? And will the person who finds it be kind to it or just toss it into a filthy dustbin. Ha!
Or maybe take it home and even try and use it for something.. Recycle it, give it to some kids to play with, but no matter what "Keys" will never ever get the power and comfort that it so enjoyed at my place, in my life.
And I am sorry I lost you, Keys. But for the last time - it was not intentional.
I won't say I will miss you, but hopefully the next one to sign up with the crazy part of my brain will be a little more sensible and we may, yes we may just have a long and fruitful partnership! Maybe even become friends!!

This post is dedicated to my sister in law, Priyagee - who said I could write a book given my misfortune with keys. I am going to settle for venting through a blog post and would never subject anyone to a book on this!
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  1. I'm terribLe with keys too, lost them in a taxi once and was locked out my flat at 3am