Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 10, 11 and 12 of My 30 day Happiness Project

It has been a while since i posted on this project, but not because i have forgotten about the project or because i have not been happy, in fact, just the opposite, it has been a very happy and busy week and here is why:

Day 10
10th November, Monday

Remember as little children how overjoyed we used to be when relatives came home, from other places in the world (and our world was very tiny, limited to school, home and surrounding neighborhoods and possibly our mother's hometown where we spent summer holidays)? The best part about guests at home was the gifts they used to bring - the package being shown to us, we having to say a "thank you", snatching the package and tearing it open (i think even as a kid, i did not tear open packages, but neatly unraveled them and kept aside the packing paper!), being amazed at the unexpected addition to our doll / car collection, book collection or toy collection.
Also, remember how this particular joy did not diminish with adulthood, maybe the reactions did, but the joy of getting a gift from a person who had traveled remained the same. And thank god for that, there are things from childhood that should never change, and this hasn't.
So, on this particular Monday, my cousin and my sis-in-law had come back from a fabulous trip to Bangkok, and guess what?? I got a beautiful big red bag ( my sis-in-law, is one of the few people in my family who supports my bag addiction!) and a very pretty and apt wind chime - made of buckets and pails and brooms, given my obsession with cleaning! They also got a set of charming cups for our office and it was gift-a-mania. If only we could leave aside our maturity, and jump with joy and scream with glee every time we receive gifts, because secretly we really just want to do that, and that expresses out gratitude and joy so much better than a polite "thank you".

Tea is tastier in these new cups

I don't understand anyone who cannot appreciate a bag


Day 11
11th November, Tuesday

It started off as a very normal day, plenty of work - new ideas tossed about and discussed with my dad in the morning.
And this Tuesday also marked the day, Renu (my equally obsessive cousin) and i started planing Creature Village's participation for NH7. Planning and organizing neatly in our little brown books, makes something in our heads and hearts go "toiing", i cannot describe and you cannot understand the feeling if you haven't (or can't) experience the joy of to-do-lists and planning registers!

A brief background - Creature Village started off as my sister's hobby that we converted to a slightly larger scale - we design products out of recycled fabrics and have tied up with various women's self help groups in Pune to convert these designs into beautiful products to be sold online via our website.

Creature village products - check them out on our site

Made with love!

NH7 Weekender, Pune is the biggest music festival of Pune and we have secured a stall for Creature Village at this festival. We plan to showcase our existing products and develop new products specifically for NH7. The planing for this had started almost two months ago, but has gathered steam now, with the festival just 6 days away.
If you happen to be in Pune, be sure to come to  NH7 on 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 2014, and do drop by our stall and pick up fabulous buys.

Day 12
12th November, Wednesday

Who doesn't love a wedding, and when it happens to be of one of your best friend's?
And weddings in India are so much more than the actual ceremony itself - the numerous functions that precede and follow the wedding, the rituals - some that make sense, and some that are downright ridiculous, and best of all the "mehendi function".
I love mehendi - i love watching the artist in action - the beautiful picture in the artist's head being translated into an intricate design on your hand, to make a traditional peacock designs, feathers, and curves come together in a beautiful pattern.
And it is said, the deeper the red of your mehendi,just as deep is the love of your beloved for you. Mine turned almost black the next day - what?

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