Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breaking bad...

I am a huge fan of this series. I got hooked on to it seriously, after it was recommended by a friend. It starts off slowly, cautiously enough and then picks up such pace and launches you right in the middle of a world of drugs, deceit and chaos.
I will not mention any spoilers here, for people who might be tempted to check the series out after reading my article! But the story follows the tale of an average guy - a chemistry professor, who is diagnosed with lung cancer and given a limited amount of time to live. In his mission to provide financially for his family, he enters the world of drug manufacturing (since he is a chemistry professor) and the story is about how he
"breaks bad".
What is interesting about this series is, that the protagonist is an average guy- a nice guy, who never yells, let alone being violent, but how at the same time he adapts to the drug underworld - fooling, manipulating and killing people. Can polar opposites exist in the same person?

How can a person be calm - yet violent, firm - yet weak? Do we ever truly know ourselves inside out?

It got me thinking, would i make a good criminal? I have always prided myself on my planning ability, my ability to have a  plan A, B and C in place. But how different is planning and execution? I can plan till the world ends - but do I have the courage to carry out the plan? Just as an exercise i had once tried to plan (all in my head) an organization that works as a hire-to-kill kind of an outfit (very creepy, i know - but in my defense it was a purely intellectual exercise against corrupt politicians or perpetrators of heinous crimes) and without going into details i could come up with a brilliant organization structure and business plan. However, I am not sure if given an opportunity to implement the same if I would be successful.
And does the end justify the means? Is a good intention a justification for "breaking bad". Would I kill for self defense? I am generally a very peace loving person, but placed in a situation where i have to kill an innocent to live, would i do it? If i am extremely honest, maybe i would. But again, who knows? It is not a lot of us who have the courage to find out our degree of "breaking bad".
"Breaking bad" may denote various degrees or extremities for different people.
Underage drinking, smoking, trying drugs maybe the most extreme for one person, while murders, violence for another. What determines our degree of breaking bad? Is it again a nurture vs nature debate?

Given a very protected childhood, i don't remember a lot of instances where i was an absolute nightmare for my parents. (I am sure my parents would have a different opinion), but i stuck to being a good kid, rarely venturing too far away from the zone of "acceptable behavior". Is it, then, people who have been good their entire lives who feel that they have a right to "break bad?"
Especially people who have been "good" their whole lives and have been dealt an unfair hand - say an illness, money problems, who find it easier to cross the line?
Does that mean we should be encouraging our children to try their hand at slightly unconventional, maybe even "unacceptable" behavior so that their curiosity of it, without any experience in it does not push them over to the other side?
Is this what is meant by pushing boundaries?
And who decides when enough is enough?

Do all bad things, like good things come to an end eventually? Does good always triumph over evil? And what happens when the line between good and evil is so thin that you never know when you have crossed it?

Any series that manages to get you to question yourself, your society - its structure, is definitely a watch. And hence i highly recommend this one.
Go ahead, watch it!
You will have a lot to think about.

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