Friday, August 8, 2014

For as long as the bubble lasts..

Today, Friday, is my weekly off. It is a day i use the most more like it - the house, my mind, my cupboard, the bathroom...
It always starts off with a morning cleaning spree, arranging and re-arranging the furniture and show pieces. Did i mention i have OCD? Oh, i didn't? I thought it would be quite obvious from the blog url. Anyway, point is i like things a certain way (read  straight and aligned), I have an inherent dislike for anything out of place (read round, oval or any other shape that cannot be aligned as easily as two lines). I am compulsively obsessive about the way things are arranged (straight)!
So my Friday mornings are fruitfully spent in this satisfying activity.
Afternoons are solely for reading and sleeping
Evenings for a nice dinner/ movie/ outing.

All in all a pretty good holiday plan (yes, even my holidays have a plan that needs to be followed.)

Today, was slightly different though. I was invited for lunch at my grandmother's place (mom's mom). And so was my cousin. Not that she requires a reason to do so, but today was a Friday in the auspicious month of Shravan and the tradition is to call home girls (women) who are married for a feast. And what a feast it was! The reasoning behind this tradition is simple - you can go home and feast on your favorite things and basically be pampered on the assumption that at your in-laws place you have a lot of house -hold chores to do.

When my grandmom told me this, my first reaction was we don't need a separate day for this anymore. The in-law equation now-a -days, at least for me and a lot of my friends and family, has been balanced. We are treated more or less as daughters of the house rather than hired help. The stories i have heard of a generation ago! No, we cannot sympathize, because we haven't had that experience. I feel a sense of ownership and belonging in my home (with my husband and his grandparents). My grandmom told me that's quite alright, but you will have fun - so come. I, of course, was not going to pass up in the opportunity of having some yummy grandma food!

I reached there at 1.00 pm, intending to come home by 3 pm for my afternoon holiday siesta. I came home at 6.30 pm! And what fun!
She was right - no matter how much i love and care for my home, my mother's (grandmother's place) will always have a special, a unique place in my heart. It is the familiarity of the place, and the people, that brings out my laugh - that is just a tad louder, my words - that are a tad more brazen, the sparkle in my eye - that is just a tad naughtier, my posture - which is just a tad lazier, my smile - which is just a tad wider and my appetite - which is a lot bigger, than when i am home!
It rejuvenates me, it refreshes me, it makes me feel like i have a secure little nest tucked away, that i can fly to any time i want. It is a place where i am pampered, it is a place of numerous memories, of tears of joy and laughter that upsets your tummy.
It is a place of harmless gossip, a place where i don't have to mind my language or my thoughts. A place where a thought on my mind, is a word on my tongue. It is a place where i can come home from and shower the same care, love and affection on my new family.

The best part of this feeling is that it lasts for as long as a bubble lasts, but is just as beautiful and when it bursts it showers you with a sprinkle of love that takes you through the rest of the day, week and month.

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