Friday, August 15, 2014

Vande Mataram!

Happy Independence day!

Did you really think on Independence Day, I would not write an article about it? 
Oh! you innocent of the heart and naive of the mind! :)

I have been reading a lot of things on social media about what independence means for us and how we have misused our freedom and laments of the state our country is in! But, i am going to take a leaf out of PM Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech, and look at the positive - to a bright, independent future. 

I listened to a part of his speech live on TV and then looked it up on Youtube. What a speech! Never have we had such an orator and a leader. Leave aside what he might or might not accomplish, the fact is the plan is in place, it is communicated and now he is accountable. If nothing else, he has made India look forward to a bright future - full of opportunities. The most commendable thing he did was address the problem of women safety in India by attacking its root cause - not the women, but how we raise our sons. The message was clear - Do not raise your sons to be rapists. The onus was completely placed on the men and their parents, as it should be. 
Scrapping the planning commission, encouraging the manufacturing and farming sector, developing model villages, the Pradhan Mantri Dhan-Jan Yojna, digital India, launching the Swach Bharat plan this year, are some of the highlights of the speech, that spoke volumes of the forethought and vision this man has for the country. 
As they say good planning is half the battle, we seem to be on the right path.

The idea of this article is to not replicate Mr. Modi's speech, it will be analysed and reanalyzed by "experts" on news channels the whole day. 
The point is to see how we can contribute to it. No, we do not need an Independence day to decide how we are going to do our bit for the society, but given our obsession with auspicious days and times, this seems as good an occasion as any to take a few small pledges.
When a man can dream of planning and leading a whole nation, I am sure, we as individuals can take our own pledges to lead our lives.

Today, i have decided to follow / reinforce the following -

1. Traffic Laws - I will obey all traffic rules while driving, no matter what the time or situation. That includes not breaking signals, following zebra crossing guidelines, maintaining distance between vehicles, no road rage and no wrong sides, no matter how inconvenient

2. Clean Society- I will work towards a cleaner society - by not littering, following strict waste segregation guidelines

3. Supporting a cause - I have decided to contribute my bit towards society be registering for a NGO - for kids. I am sure an evening or two can be fruitfully spent giving back to society rather than doing anything else.

4. Humane Behavior - I am going to make a conscious effort to see that the help in my house is taken care of - not just financially, but also in terms of holidays, education for my maid's children, something - anything. Very often we forget that these are also humans with their own set of very real problems. Being an unorganized sector in India, maids work 7 days a week, with no rest. Holidays and good pay are given grudgingly. 

5. Work - Giving my work a 100 percent, not only in terms of a hard work, but also ethics. Encouraging a transparent work place, following the principles of honesty and evolving a code of ethics that becomes the way of life in our company. 

Patriotism needn't necessarily be in the form of hoisting a flag, or signing the national anthem. Just 5 small pledges, your personal pledges.
Imagine if everyone decides on 5, what a change we can bring about.

And given the general air of optimism around, it indeed, is a Happy Independence Day!

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  1. I fully subscribe to the views and have faith that such small steps on individual level can make a BIG difference. Let us not wait for ALL to start, let us make a beginnning at our level.