Monday, August 11, 2014

It never is as it seems

It follows a cycle, more or less,
but sometimes comes without warning,
With tell tale embarrassing symptoms that stress

It is a necessary start to your morning
Depending on your way of looking at it,
could even be a satisfactory end to your evening

How well in your routine it sits
Absence of which is so very upsetting
It can overwhelm with its need or come bit by bit

Not everyone can do it peacefully
Some annoy with their span of time,
Some with their sound, so unaware blissfully

It may need a little inducing, even provoking,
Could be a hot chocolate or a lovely cup of tea
That finally pushes it over the edge of the precipice

And finally the freedom, the relief of dropping out,
Into Sleep, my angel, sleep
What did you think i was talking about?

PS: I did warn you i can be pretty random!

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