Saturday, August 9, 2014

The positive way...

How many times have you read an article about "what I do when i wake up? or "the first thing in the morning"...or "how i start my day"..get the drift? Now think back and try and recollect how many of these articles use the work "positive" or its numerous synonyms?

I don't think i have ever comes across an article that can manage to be written without this word, on this subject at least. When this word is attached to other common place words like "thinking" or "action" or "outlook", it instantly upgrades the value of these common place words - "positive thinking", "positive action", "positive outlook".
Yes, it has become a trend of sorts to sprout positive words and insist on positive actions and I don't mind this trend at all. Out of various things "trending" right now, i think this is quite a welcome trend!

However, my quest today is not to doubt the thought, but the course of action. How do you start your day?
A lot of us, i am sure, start with the reading of the newspaper. I am not talking about THE FIRST THING you do. Many people start it with exercise, meditation, yoga, cooking and numerous other satisfying activities. But what i am trying to draw out here is that newspaper reading or browsing is an integral part of most of our mornings. And this is where the whole philosophy is thrown to the wind!
The newspapers are about anything but positive thinking and you can't blame them really. They are all for reporting the news after all, and not making up positive news for our consumption. A quick example, an average newspaper today, will have the the Gaza conflict headlines, followed by the Ukraine debacle, maybe a full or half page ad about some luxury product, completely out of sync with the somber mood of the news. Followed by a few corruption scandals, definitely an article on rape and the completely idiotic stance of our political servants regarding the same - ("how rape is brought on by the clothes women wear"). Maybe an article or two on communal tensions in some part of the world, the tanking of the sensex, and now to top it all now the India-England test series, that is just depressing. 
Not that, there is no positive news at all, of course there is, but it is a treasure hidden beneath mounds of negativity.
No, i do not propose giving up reading the newspaper. After all you need to be completely aware of what's happening around you.
I am talking about filling the morning space, right now occupied by newspapers, by something else. Something maybe called the "positive paper". Just off the top of my head, I am sure i can come up with better titles! A paper, that will have only positive news, anything that happens in the world that is worth reporting because it is positive. Something on the lines of the videos we see on Facebook - "this will restore your faith in humanity" or "this will change your life in 60 seconds". I am not talking about articles preaching about the good things, but reporting of the good things being done every day by common people. Strictly no mention of politicians, religious leaders or criminals. 

I am talking about something bigger than just changing the content of newspapers, i am talking about replacing the newspaper, at least for that particular time slot of the morning. It will have to be a lifestyle change, a change in the routine of everyone. It is about getting up every morning and demanding your dose of positivity. It is about getting up every morning and choosing to pick the positive. (I can already imagine a TV campaign advertising this newspaper, oops positive paper). It could of course be in the digital form, but there is something very reassuring about having the feel of physical paper in your hand, hence it replaces the newspaper.

Imagine the start to your day, when you read about extraordinary lives of ordinary people, the impact of their true courageous and successful stories. Wouldn't that jump start your morning? Wouldn't a nice story about the power of one common man's voice put a nice spring in your step? You would be saying goodbye to all the grumpy mornings and taking each day like a ray of sunshine. is just a positive thought!

Any entrepreneurial takers?

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