Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Friendship and more...

It has been a hectic couple of days! And honestly, i did not have any inspiring ideas to pen down.

My husband and I decided to spend the Independence weekend at my hometown with my parents. Normally this would have translated into a relaxed vacation, with minimum socializing, lots of sleep and gossip and tea. However, this time i also had a friend's wedding to attend. And as with any Indian wedding - it is not just the wedding ceremony itself, but also all the allied functions - mehendi, engagement, cocktail that we attend!

And it was a chance to meet all my school friends. Thanks to technology and bonds formed in the formative years we have been in touch with each other, but the joy of meeting and spending time with each other at a wedding, where you think you are back to the old days, is unparalleled! And that is the joy which i wanted to put on paper, that was my inspiration.

There is something very unique about your school friends. The usual "they have known you since childhood and seen your grow up" is of course true, but there is something else here. I cannot precisely describe it, but i haven't had a chance to connect with anyone like that after leaving school.
In fact, as you grow older, the differences become more glaring, the disagreements also increase, many a times the distance also increases, but that thin thread that ties everything together is never in the danger of being broken. Out of all the relationships i know, i believe this thread that ties friends together is the most flexible, given to a lot of wear and tear, pull and snap, but never does it break.

With my 3 best friends, no topic is off limits, boundaries are next to non existent, to the extent that sometimes, my husband believes that he shares his life not just with me, but with my best friends too!
People say it is so easy to lose touch, to get lost in your own life and routine and not remain friends, but i believe just the opposite, it is so difficult to lose touch. If i do not receive a message or call from my friends, i feel like something is off, an almost-daily whats app message, a weekly call or maybe a monthly Google hangout are musts! It is not easy to live without them!
If anyone were to read our whats app group chat - they would either be scandalized or bored out of their mind. When none of us have anything to talk about, we send each other selfies of what we are doing at precisely the same moment..its fun! Try it.
I say it is difficult to lose touch with your friends, it is difficult to get so engrossed in daily life that you do not feel the need for a break with friends.

Growing up in a small town is truly a charm, you not only know your friends, but you know their families - i am not talking about mom, dad and siblings - but their extended families - aunts, uncles and cousins. When you have to meet, you drop by their house, often without calling or messaging, because you know their schedule by heart, and when you drop by unannounced, it will take your friend's mom 10 minutes to hustle up a dish that she knows you love.
And while you eating that yummy dish, the non stop talking starts and it ends when you receive a call from your parents saying its time to get home and you are left wondering how can time fly by that fast?

The four of us got married in a span of two years in quick succession and now we are situated at four different cities in the country, but it just doesn't matter. When we meet at our home town, its like we never left, and when its time to head back to our daily routine, as my friend puts it - "our withdrawal symptoms are so intense!"

Here s to Shivani, Poonam and Arpi - and many years of craziness, fun and friendship :)

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